John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

The Auditorium

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Contributor's Entries
Larry Staib writes:

Do you remember the murals at Jenks? There were two in the auditorium, I think a Maypole scene and a school lesson scene with a kid in a duncecap. The giant one on the second floor had the big indian and the Wissahickon. One was destroyed by water damage when I was there - I hope the others are still there.

Michael Stevenson writes:

    One of the nice memory stirring posts that I have received was from Larry Staib, asking if I remembered the huge beautiful murals that were in the John Story Jenks School Auditorium. Well I certainly do and would love to see them, once again.

   I told Larry, how on one ocassion, all of the upper classes were seated in the auditorium, listening to what was one of the most cultural of events, I'm sure, when David Russell (seated next to me) pointed to the huge mural on the right hand side of the stage (facing the audience). He leaned into me and whispered in my ear (after directing my attention to a little dog curled up at the bottom right hand corner of the mural), "Look at that little mutt curled up over there in the corner."

    Well, I practically died laughing when comparing David's observation to the cultural event we were witnessing. I only hope I did so with reservation.

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