John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

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Pen & Ink An E-mail Exchange Medium for John Story Jenks Elementary School Alumni

    To all alumni of John Story Jenks Elementary School- You are invited to join the JSJenks Alumni Mailing list, an e-mail fellowship dedicated to the sharing of wonderful memories about our experience in what was probably the finest school in the Philadelphia Public School system. Members may share post there with former classmates as the only membership is alumni. The E-mail address for the group is:

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    Simply click on this following Link: It will generate an E-mail request to join the group.

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    As soon as your message is received, you will be added to our listing and enabled to send and receive messages with others in the group. I hope that you will find it to be the joy I have as a way of sharing wonderful living memories of friends, teachers, experiences, between us.
    Feel free to write us and join, today! Any difficulties? Just write to me, Michael Stevenson, by clicking on my name below, and I will sign you up from the system end.

Michael Stevenson
JSJenks List Coordinator