John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

The Safety Patrol

Sargent's Badge Badge
Contributor's Entries
Lawrence Staib writes:

    I was a Safety for 3 years. My corner was Gravers and Ardleigh. As I recall, the sargeant badge was green, the lieutenant was red and the captain was blue. I was a lieutenant, although I was promoted to captain for a week at the end of 7th grade. It had to be colder than 32 degrees, I think, in order for us to get hot chocolate and thus the exact temperature was a matter of discussion on cold mornings. I remember the particular way to wrap your belt into a ball and going to see the Phillies in the spring with all the other safeties in Philadelphia.


Michael Stevenson writes:

    This is the badge I wore when I served on the Safety Patrol (on the left). The previously used model before the oval shaped badge is pictured on the right. Some of the other people I remember being on the patrol were Joe Nicero, who was the Captain, McQuen a Lieutenant, Sammy Wyche, and Neil Powe. One of the nicest things about serving on the Safety Patrol was the hot chocolate they served us after coming in on cold winter mornings. I will be writing about some of the things I remember about this in the future, here, and hope that you will submit articles as well. For now, I just wanted you to see this Safety Patrol badge that survived over 35 years of time.

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