John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Woodshop: with Mr. Grossman

candle holders 1 candle holders 2
Contributor's Entries
Michael Stevenson writes:

    These Candle holders were made in the 7th grade woodshop, under the supervision of Mr. Stanley Grossman. I am amazed more now than then that we used such elaborate (and dangerous) equipment such as a bandsaw back then, but that is how the four leaf clover design was made in the bottom pieces. The top section is basically a drilled out dowl stick. Beautiful!

    In the second photograph, you can see how I identified these two holders as my own as the inscription reads;

"Mike Stevenson
Grade 7
J.S. Jenks
    Well, most of that is self explanatory, with me attending 7th grade during the Fall of 1966 and Spring of 1967. However I cannot explain the "F" on the stem of the clover leaf on the right. Hopefully is was not my assigned grade for the project!

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