John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

The 1946 Graduating Class of John Story Jenks School

1946 Class
This Photograph Was Contributed by Koharek Ann Bandaian, Class of 1946
Courtesy of Bill Evans, '56.

TOP Row ? ? Robert Mallory Tommy Stewart Jack Morris Robert DePaul    
Middle Francis Allan June Griffith Toni DeCoursey Peggy Relinger Connie Russell Mary Yanni Anna Mae Lowry Cora Mae Settle
Seated ? ? Jean Derbyshire Anna Mae Connaghan Koharek Bandaian ? Doris Hoagland Thorne Tjader
Contributor's Entries
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Victor Benvenuto entry:
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Dear Michael: Enclosed is a picture of the 1946 class, compliments of Koharek (pronounced "Quarick") Ann Bandaian. I had the pleasure of meeting with her at an Antique Show in North Wales this weekend (3-2-07). She was gracious enough to let me copy her class picture and send it to you for your website. She tried to supply me with as many names of her classmates as she could but obviously we will need some help. If anyone would like to contact her please let me know and I will relay the information. Koharek is a private person but I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from some old friends. Thanks for the opportunity to share. Bill Evans.
Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hi Bill, And thanks to you and Koharek for sharing such a wonderful photograph. Great scan by the way Nearly enough for a mural, however it is now presented at 800 pixels wide. This will be a great photo to explore together. Bill- sorry for the delay in posting this photo, as I was tied up by a project but now am back on the job.

-- Michael S.
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