John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

The 1953 (January) Graduating Class of John Story Jenks School

1953 June Class
This Photograph Was Contributed by Ed Tyrrell, Class of 1953

Contributor's Entries
Ed Tyrrell entry:

The first is the picture of the graduating class of January 1953:

The names (as signed on the back of my picture, and punctuated as signed) are as follows (left to right):

Front Row:
Jane Mascher, Barbara Ann Hinz, Bobby Lou Still, Ashley Roach, Linda Finkelman, Ed Tyrrell ( I did not actually sign it, but most days I can still remember it!), Rosamond Jones.

Second Row:
Barbara Burgess, Margie Snyder, Mariott E. Andree, Margie Pointer, Barbara Ann Dixon, Pat Painter, Connie Waechter, Olga Fowler

Third Row:
Richard W. Evans, David Constanza, Thomas W Burns Jr., Roger L. Steinhauer, Francis Foley, Jim Longo, Fred Lee Howard, Peter Marcolina, Jerry Choder.

Another signature on my picture is that of Selinda McCaulley, the Principal, signed as "M'Caulley". There clearly are two l's, not one as shown on the website, but it is signed M' not Mc. Who knows why?

The other picture shows class 1B - 2A in 1945. I would have been in 1B from September of '45 until January of '46, so I assume that this picture was taken in the fall of '45 mad shows our class and members of the class that graduated ahead of ours, in June 1952.

The picture of the (June) '53 class shows three kids with whom I played in the orchestra: Judy Renshaw who along with me played the trumpet, Ramon Fox, who played the piano, and Ruth Reinholt who played clarinet, as I recall.

As I mentioned before, I traveled to Jenks from Germantown. Others made the trip from Germantown, including sisters Barbara and Ginny Johnstone, who lived 3 doors away from my family on Duval Street. Unlike Barbara who writes that she was jealous of the kids who lived in the Hill and could walk to Jenks, I loved trains and trolleys and loved the ride. I even occasionally got to ride with my father who was a route 23 trolley motorman.

When time permits, I'd like to add some more memories to the site.

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