John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

The 1967 Graduating Class in 1960 during 1st Grade

1967 class in 1960 1st Grade Class
This Photograph was Contributed by Laura Israel '67
Row TOP 1 Peter Kurtz 3 Michael Goldstone Bruce Rind 6 7 Ginny Sheila Derrick
Row #2 from TOP Charlotte Seamen Jill Nissan Shelly Salkin Nancy Uhle Laura Israel Nancy Stevenson Jerry Panofsky Bruce Fagan George Zarate
Row #3 Mrs. Claire A. McDonnell Laurie Shore Leslie Garabedian Jackie Weiner Linda ? Michelle Lotman Debbie Houseal Robin Schorr Patty Pomerantz
Row #4 David Forman Gary Mauger Mark Braun Jessi Urlich 5 Stephen Mansch Michael Mocenter David Pomerantz 9

Michael Stevenson entry:

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Hi to all!

   Laura Israel '67 has presented a new fascinating photograph at the John Story Jenks '60s Era Website. It is a photograph of the 1967 graduating class, that was taken in 1959 when they all were in Kindergarden. And guess who their teacher was? It was none other than Miss Claire McDonnald. Do you remember Miss McDonnald? She was like, super super nice!

   In the photo, you can see Charlotte Seamen, Bruce Rind who became a Doctor of controversial note, Nancy Uhle, who is here with us and a contributor of another wonderful photograph under the "Together Again" section, Nancy Stevenson my sister, and the contributor of the 1967 Class photo, George Zarate, brother of Gloria Zarate who both were very nice people. There are many others in the photograph that would be fun to spot and name at this very young age. I think Nancy Uhle could really help us out, there.

Dear Laura (Israel),

   Thank you, thank you 100 times! Thanks for you effort, diligence and for this fantastic photograph. At last I get to see you . You look great and so does Nancy. And to see Miss McDonald once again is something so special! Hats off to ya! o/

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Laura Israel
Nancy Screnci (Uhle)
Bruce Fagan