John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Stephen Jerdan
From the Class of '69 Photograph contributed by Michele Hewitt & Jean Stone

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Michael Stevenson entry:
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   My name is Stephen Jerdan and I am answering your call for information. I graduated Jenks in the class of 1969. Let me say I was shocked to see my name show up in a web search. I do that time to time to see if any of my personal information is accidently published. I do like the web site. I believe I still have the graduation picture packed away some where. I will look for it, as I believe I put the names of the students on it.

    I can however help you right away. Row #5 picture 1, the picture below mine and next to Nancy Donaldson is William Thomas.

After Jenks, I went to Leeds Jr High for 1 year then on to Central High. Graduated Central in 1973 and went to college at Purdue University in West Lafayette Ind. Started out in Pre-Vet, graduated 1978 with a BS in Computer Science. The last time I was in Jenks was June of 1976, to see my sister Holly graduate. I have had no contact with any of my classmates since then until today. (I emailed Donna M and Michelle H. before emailing you).

Feel free to publish any/all of this information on the web site. Also, feel free to contact me if you want/need anymore information from me.


Michael Stevenson entry:
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16 April 2005; It was simply wonderful to hear from Stephen and to know that he is doing so well. Thanks for writing in Stephen and hope we talk much more.

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