John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Helen Semerdjian

Fair winds and following seas, dear classmate. And you remain a part of and live in these joyful memories we have.

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Michael Stevenson entry:
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I Just learned that dear Helen Semerdjian has passed away quite a few years back, in 1995. As I said below I held the most fondest memories of her, and may God bless her always.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Besides having a beautiful name, Helen had the kindess and nicest spirit about her. I cannot remember anything but niceness from her, and the warmest smiles. Helen if you ever read this-- much love to you.

Bluejacket01 Memorial Page entry:
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Helen attended John Story Jenks School in Chestnut Hill, a community within Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her father, Paylak, owned and operated a dry cleaning business in Germantown, PA and it was eventually sold to Chubby Checkers.

In 1964, Helen's father died of cancer, and in 1965 her mother Mary died of cancer. The family was then run by her sister, Nevart (and perhaps with assistance from Paylak's mother, Vartuhi).

After the death of her parents, they moved to Bywood, a neighborhood in Upper Darby, PA. Helen attended Bywood Elementary, then Beverly Hills Junior High, and then Upper Darby Senior High.

After graduating from Upper Darby in 1972, Helen attended Syracuse University, where she majored in Journalism, and met her future husband. Helen's grandmother Vartuhi, on her father's side, lived a long life until she passed away in 1974. In 1976, Helen graduated from Syracuse and married Michael Dube. They moved to the area of Brunswick, Maine. Helen had a younger brother, Jack (Hagop), who died of cancer in 1979. Helen died of cancer in 1995; Michael spread her ashes on Monhegan Island. Helen was loved by all who knew her:

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Comment: 1954 to 1995
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