John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Steve Wallis 56'

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Steve Wallis entry:
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Well, here I am. You found me, or rather, Faith Jamison found me. I left Jenks after the 7th grade to go to Roosevelt Jr. High, and then on to Central High. I'm now living in Lexington, MA, and running an environmental technology company. J.S. Jenks was always a source of fond memories, and on many occasions over the years I talked with my three brothers about teachers, activities, friends, etc., that we made there. The oldest, Dave, graduated in 1952, Charlie in 1954, and Kendall in 1961. I'll try to dig up some photos I think I have in the attic. Does anyone have pictures taken inside the classrooms? And how about information about Beverly Price and Barbara Brown? I've also been in touch with Betsy Reinholt, and will prompt her to send in some great photos she has. Thanks to Bob Kafes for coming up with that great class photo.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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3-7-2006; It is great to hear from Steve. Thanks for writing and filling us in about you and your brothers, Stephen. I followed the same course as you after leaving Jenks. I went to Roosevelt JHS for a year and then on to Central. Glad to meet you and hope we have good chats in the conference. - Michael

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