1. Sabbath Meal
  2. Angels Appearing to the Shepherds
  3. Creation of Adam, by Michelangelo
  4. The Temptation, by Michelangelo
  5. Last Judgement, by Michelangelo
  6. Creation of Adam (Hands), by Michelangelo
  7. Creation of the Sun and Moon, by Michelangelo
  8. Separation of Light From Darkness, by Michelangelo
  9. _blank_
  10. Salvation by grace according to Foreknowledge
  11. Rapture Positions
  12. The Meaning of Grace
  1. Samson Topples the Temple
  2. Banner: Yeshua Melech Yisrael
  3. Moses, Drawn from the River
  4. John 3 in Hebrew
  5. Starting Point Candidates; 70 weeks of Daniel 9
  6. The Contiguous 70 weeks of Daniel Prophecy
  7. The 458BC Start-Up Date Position of The Contiguous 70 weeks of Daniel Prophecy
  1. Lake of Fire and Brimestone ...Replica of J.T.C's
  2. Opening of the Red Sea
  3. Noah's Ark
  4. Image in the Cloud
  1. Masada
  2. Jordan River
  3. Aerial Flight Times to Israel
  4. Space Shuttle Photograph of the Entire Mid-East Region
  5. Halloween, and the Harvest Party; Deception of the Church


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