John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Arshaluce Bandaian '56

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Phyllis Linn entry:
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Hello, my name is Phyllis Linn, class of June 1955. I remember Arshluce. The girls from the 8th grade had a party at her house. I recognize the other names mentioned; Beverly, Anita & Barb. I moved out of Philadelphia in 1964 and have lived at the shore for 41 hears. Now retired. I re-visited Jenks about 5 years ago and found very little changed physicially. Same doors on the the classrooms, same brown wooden seats in the auditorium. They did paint over the mutuals by the stage. It was like stepping back in time. Its worth the trip if you get the chance. Phyllis

Linda Nedzwecky entry:
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Hi, Arshy was my favorite aunt & I too remember all too well those turkeys! My family moved into the home on Bethlehem Pk when I was 10, so my siblings and I grew up in Chestnut Hill and attended Jenks as well. My aunt, unfortunately (as I did tell the person posting these) passed away when she was 54 (about 9 years ago) of a brain aneurysm while at work (Ford in Lansdale) She was absolutely the best (like my older sister) we did everything together growing up & I still miss her terribly, she had one daughter who is now 25 & soon to graduate college & her husband moved to Florida shortly after her death & we've lost contact with him. My mom Katherine, the oldest sister just passed away 2 mos ago-she has another older sister Koharek that is still living (actually just had brain surgery-successful too I might add) and an older brother John that just got married) they both attended Jenks as well. Hope this catches you a little on the Bandaian clan

take care,
Linda (Nedzwecky) Fuchs
p.s. my grandparents were very special & humble people and I'm glad you have such fond memories of them as well-my grandmother was probably the best cook I have ever met in my entire life & that's saying something :o) & my grandfather was the cutest lil guy you ever could meet & so hospitable! You never went to that house without something special brewing or cooking in the kitchen-that's for sure

Barb (Johnstone) Bridge entry:
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Can you tell me more about where Arshaluce might be? I remember her well. She and I spent many hours together. I remember the smell of the cleaners and what wonderful parents she had. They were always very kind to me. My best memory was going to their home on Bethlehem Pike and having a luscious turkey dinner. Her mom cooked the turkey in a brown paper bag. I was sooo fascinated and begged my mom to do likewise. She poo-pooed it and said the house would catch on fire. I never forgot how good that turkey tasted and when I married and made my fir Thanksgiving meal, I tried the brown bag trick. It worked and I roasted every turkey that way for 40 years. Then I came across the all-night roasting trick and gave up the bag. Nothing to do with JS Jenks but a wonderful memory of a friend from there.

Just a correction - One of the pics identified and "Anita Stevens" - she was Anita Stevenson, a neighbor of ours on Duval Street in Germantown. Another thing, I started school in the B term so graduated in February instead of June. Some of those mentioned were in my class. I believe Beverly Price was the cousin of Lloyd Paradiso who moved before 8th grade. We moved to Abington as well but I don't remember Beverly there. Did she go through 8th grade? All these posts make me want to drag out the box I brought from my mother's house when she died. I know there is Jenks "stuff" in there. I can see the graduation pic even though is has not been out of the box in 40 years.

Keep the news coming,

Barb (Johnstone) Bridge

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Arshaluce, we are searching for *you.

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