John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Robert Braun '68

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msg 003, Bill Evans remembers the Jenks Fair
msg 002, Bill Evans remembers teachers and a song
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Robert Braun entry:


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Hi Michael,


Also still vivid in my memory,

The annual Jenks Fair, and the popular lemon sticks.

The annual Christmas program in the Big Auditorium with guests from Our Mother of Consolation Catholic School.

Lots of fond memories about Jenks and Chestnut Hill

Bob Braun

Robert Braun entry:


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Hi Michael,

Just a note to tell you that from the picture of the class of 1949, three of us had lunch recently; Bob Detwiler, John DeCoursey and Bob Braun. All three of us are in regular with others in that picture; Bobbie Vanderherchen and Ginny Durian. Sad to report that from that class, two have passed away; Tony Bucci and Barbara Grimner

Bob Braun

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Robert, is planning a reunion of his 1950 Graduating class in the very near future. I understand the reunion will probably be located at the Chestnut Hill Hotel. That should be a blast! Robert is the *uncle of Raymond Braun of the 1968 Graduating class. If you would like to talk to Robert, he is available at Best wishes in your Reunion, Bob! Robert is also the brother of two sisters who attended JSJenks. They are Joan and Marie Braun.

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