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Robert Blecker entry:
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Dear Michael,

Hi, I just found your wonderful website on Jenks, and I wanted to find out how to get myself listed on the pages. I went to Jenks from K-6th grade, in 1961-1968. Then I went to Leeds for 2 years (68-70), Central for one year (9th grade in 1970-71), and Springfield H.S. (Montgomery County) for the rest of high school (1971-74).

I remember Allison Staib, but I didn't see many of my other classmates listed (unless Ricky Brown was in my class?). I think Nance Greenspan was in my class. I was close friends with Ian Lipschutz in my grade, and Bart Krauss in the year ahead of us, both of whom lived near me (we were bused in from Mt. Airy). And yes, we did get bused home for lunch!

Does anyone remember those songs we used to sing at the end of every year on the bus -- counting down the days until we'd be free?

Everything I read on the website resonated with me. I remember the teachers who were very strict and formal, but really taught us their subjects--and who really loved and cared about the kids deep down. I know I got a good preparation at Jenks that put me in good stead for the rest of my education. Miss Finley and Miss Schuler and Mr. Giorno and all the rest were tough, but we learned a lot. I couldn't remember the name of Mrs. Lanshe, but I think she was the social studies teacher who gave me my love of Latin America. I later became (more or less) fluent in Spanish and I have lived and traveled in Mexico.

I ended up going to Yale University (B.A. 1978) and Stanford University (M.A. 1983, Ph.D. 1987), but it was surely my good start at Jenks that sent me on the road to educational achievement! Now I am a college professor myself (Professor of Economics, American University, Washington, DC 20016). I live in Silver Spring, MD, with my wife, Elizabeth Greenberg, and daughter Emily (16); our 20-year old son Matt lives in California and works for Google.

I remember the special events we used to have, like all the plays and shows, and the annual pet show. Oh, those assemblies, with all the singing and the orchestra concerts! And Gerald Rice playing the violin! And that beautify gingko tree on the Ardleigh St. side, is it still there? I thought about it several years ago when I visited Seoul, South Korea, and the streets were lined with ginkgo trees, it brought back memories of Jenks.

It's funny, while cleaning out our basement the other day (after a water problem) I found all my old report cards from Jenks -- including the ones where the teachers said I was a behavior problem in 4th grade (it looks like I straightened out the next year). Maybe that's why I went googling around and found your website.

So, please include me from now on. And thanks for starting this website!

Best regards,
Robert Blecker

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Robert-- It sure is a pleasure to welcome to you here. You have shared wonderful memories and they resounded with me as well. Thanks for doing so, the Group Message exhange is open and I hope to hear from you often. Let's see those report cards!

-- Michael

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