John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Carol Carson
From the Class of '66 Photograph contributed by Carol Millinghausen '66

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Carol Carson entry:
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27 Feb 2007

    Well, I found this page with the assistance of Wendy Chierici. I am doing well and still living in Philadelphia. As you can see I work for the Court system however, I was a trial attorney for over 20 years before I took this position. I spent 10 years with the Defenderís Association and 12 years in private practice. I would love to hear from more of my class mates.


Carol A. Carson, Esquire
Director of Children and Youth Services
Family Court Division
1801 Vine Street, Room 332
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Michael Stevenson entry:
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3/18/2007 - Hi to all. It was certainly wonderful to receive this contact from Carol. It was great to hear from you, Carol, and thanks to Wendy Chierici for passing on the site information to you. Congratulations Carol on your law career, and best wishes in your current profession. During the Spring and Fall Chestnut Hill events, some of us have gotten together at the JS Jenks schoolbuilding. But the ultimate goal is a real reunion. Great to be in contact! Thanks for writing - Michael

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Profession:Director of Children and Youth Services
Status:Alive & Well
Current Location:Philadelphia, Pa.

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