John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Cynthia Claus '57

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Cynthia Claus entry:
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Dear Former Classmates -
   I would have been in the Class of '57, but instead I left Jenks after the 6th grade and went to Leeds Jr. High. I saw the photo and article in the Chestnut Hill Local, and it took me right back. I recognized a number of faces: Merry (don't remember her last name), Jean Wieland, Marny Stroup, Sandra Bencivengo, Carol Massaro, Jimmie Harbison (?). I'm sure if a list of the names were put before me, I would recognize many more.
Cynthia Claus
Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hello Cynthia,

Great to hear from you. You, and everyone who transferred out early are JS Jenks family indeed! Now, if we could just add your picture! I'm sure your classmates would remember.
Michael S.

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