John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

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Michael Stevenson entry:
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A warm welcome to JoAnne Schaible Cowles to the website. Thank you for your encouraging message and I would look forward to talking with you in the Group Chat Forum about your shared memories. I loved the way you detailed our teachers, below.
JoAnne (Schaible) Cowles :


Hi Michael,

I attended Jenks from kindergarten till the 5th grade, the teachers there I will always remember for being kind and nurturing. Mrs. Patterson, K…Mrs. Mc Donald 1st or 2nd , Mrs Mc Keiver 1st or 2nd, Mrs. Serface 3rd, Mrs Davidson 4th, then again in fifth Mrs. Davidson (because she went on to teach that grade too).

Half way through the year we moved and I finished out my elementry years at West Point Elementry and moved on the 7th grade at Pennbrook. I guess if we had stayed in Chestnut Hill I would have graduated in ’66 with my good friend Carol Millinghausen…whom I am still friends with today. Marjorie Tennyson , Yvette Smith, and Vicki Ketterer bring back fond memories of my grade school years. I remember the pet show, well and took a blue ribbon for my cat.

You don’t know, how happy it made me to find this site on the computer at my husband’s doctor’s waiting room, it was like a God send. And I was very thankful for the memories it brought back while I sat waiting for him to get finished. The funny thing is, it was the only thing that I could bring up on the screen. So I literally mean it was a God send and treasure to find.

Keep up the good work,

JoAnne (Schaible) Cowles

Ps my brother Tommy and sister Cindy also attended John Stories Jenks

JoAnne (Schaible) Cowles :


Hi Michael,

Hello Michael,

Yes my grandfather was a regular trolley driver during the years that he raised his children. My Dad was born in 1925 and got married in 1945 so Oscar drove the trolley for those years, but I don't know when he retired. I don't know Germantown very well since we lived on E. Moreland Ave. in Chestnut Hill. I actually moved out in '63 with my parents when I was in the 5th grade. And I have not heard of many of these friends till I view the site that was about JS Jenks. So thank you, maybe there will be some to chat with


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