John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Allen Richey
From the Class of '68 Photograph contributed by Ed Richey '68

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Allen Richey entry:
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If you care to update your website on Allen Richey, here is a brief update of the past 36 years: I now go by the name of Ed instead of Allen - it wasn't planned it just kind of happened. Beyond Jenks, I went to 9th grade at Leeds, and then on to Central High School.

    I spent 2 years at Penn State, and then went on to graduate from Temple with a civil engineering degree. I got my first engineering job in 1978, and to this day still work for the same company as engineering manager (I have mixed emotions on whether this is an accomplishment to be proud of, or a statement exemplifying my laziness!)

    I've been married since 1984 to my wife Sandy (from Conshohocken) and we have two girls, Aubrey, 13 and Emily, 5. We live in West Chester, PA. I remember you played piano at school. You probably don't recall me playing piano, since at the time I was too shy to play in front of people, and never joined the orchestra. However, I have played since Kindergarten, and beginning in the mid 1970's, I played keyboards in a local Chestnut Hill rock band called Aardvark. To this day, I still play keyboards, now in two bands, "Six Pack" (with 2 former Aardvark members) and "The HIghballs." Info on each band (with photos) can be found at and, respectively. Beyond that, not much has changed since Jenks!

Michael Stevenson entry:
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It was sure wonderful to meet up with Ed Richey once again. We had a lot of fun back then and a real good time at our little reunion recently in Chestnut Hill. He and Bob, his brother have been an invaluable help to establishing this website. Thanks, Ed.

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Profession:Civil Engineer, Musician
Status:Alive and Well
Current Location:Philadelphia, Pa.

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Ed Richey