John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Steven Cohen '66

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It was great to hear from Steven Cohen. Hi Steven! And thanks for your posts. I remember that list (of teachers) too, quite well. I hope you write, often, and if you would like to write to the message group the address is

-- Michael

Steven Cohen entry:


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Hi, My name was Steven Cohen. It's now my grndmother's surname of Steven KARASH. Wow Memory lane.
I remember:
stone steps
mr gershwin
mr giorno
miss schuler
miss finley
ms surface (sp)
and of course
ms jaeger (sp)

i live in los angeles (17 years here) having lived in ny. adopted a baby from guatemala at 14 months who is now 10 1/2 years old

who's out there???????????

My name was Steven Cohen. It's Steven Karash now (my grandmother's name). I remember a very very angry Mr. Giorno who threw a pencil box with pencils towards students in class. We were making too much noise and someone kept going ssshhhhh and he hated that sound!

ok, here recollection:

1st grade ms. surface (sp)
2nd grade ms ghering
3rd grade ms lomar
4th grade ms. Mc....??
5th grade ms. davidson
then.. i remember
mr. giorno
ms schuller math
ms finley english
mr gershman gym
of course, we loved and feared ms yaeger

i went from kindergarten to 6th grade


Michael Stevenson entry:
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Steven, we are searching for *you.

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