John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Wendy Chierci
From the Class of '66 Photograph contributed by Carol Millinghausen '66

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Michael Stevenson entry:


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You know if it turned out that Wendy Chierci worked in the entertainment industry, I would not be surprised. The reason is that this is how much she sparkled. Some might even wonder why I would remember Wendy so well seeing that she was two grades ahead of me. But I remember Wendy as being a person who took the time to share her bright personallity with everyone, and I remember particularly being in the schoolyard with a very small group of students (4 or 5 maybe) who were enjoying an exchange, that featured Wendy delivering some very witty one liners about current Jenks events.

I remember catching that wit and laughing out loud while Wendy set up the timing of her next one liner. She was great- really, pretty and charming.

Michael Stevenson entry:


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- Wendy, we are searching for you and it would be a pleasure to hear from you. I remember Wendy as a very nice person who literally sparkled with great conversation. She was fun to be with and to talk to. How nice it would be to see her here, again!

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