John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

The 1945 Graduating Class of John Story Jenks School

1945 Class
This Photograph Was Contributed by Victor Benvenuto, Class of 1945

TOP Row Donald Brown Rudy Miles Hughey Cunningham Victor Benvenuto Jack Galante Russel Calisto
Seated Rose Rogers Diva Roman Lillian Marcolina Maryjean Reale Delores Morasco Doris Williams
Bottom Row     Jane Zimmerling Peggy Thompson    

Contributor's Entries
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Victor Benvenuto entry:
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Signatures on Rear of Photograph,
  • E. Arabella Turney
  • Nola E. Adams
  • R. Crawford Ford
  • Teresa M. Finley
  • Carrie A. Kerper
  • Elsa B. Smith
  • Florence P. Bernheimer
  • Lydia Freas
  • Bonnie S. Bradley
  • Selinda McCaulley
  • Bertha Bennet
Michael Stevenson entry:
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Thank you, Victor-- for such a wonderful package of information.
The pristine condition of your 1945 class photograph is amazing!

-- Yours,
	Michael Stevenson
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