John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Victor Benvenuto
From the Class of '45 Photograph contributed by Victor Benvenuto
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? 1945 1945

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Victor Benvenuto entry:
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   It was really great talking with you last week. As promised, I'm enclosing pictures for your enjoyment. Let me tell you a little about myself. I was a regular on the Horn & Hardart Children's Hour (early black and white TV 1948's). After the U.S. Navy (1951-1955) I learned Piano Tuning and Rebuilding. The Piano Shoppe was located 6825 Germantown Ave. and retired after 50 years. I tuned for many stars and sold my own rebuilt pianos.

   I told you I played for many big bands in the area and formed my own, playing Wagner's Ball Room and many other places. I spent a very happy life fixing pianos and playing the trumpet. I now have another happy time fishing, with my 28' Albin, and now shooting Pool and playing Bocce.

   PS - I'm trying to find a video tape that I filmed of a John Story Jenks Graduating Class back in the '80's. I'll let you know so that you can put it on the Web for anyone who might be interested in getting one. That was a side-line business we had before a lot of people had VCR's.

   Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

   Victor A. Benvenuto

Michael Stevenson entry:
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   Thank you, Victor-- for such a wonderful package of information. The pristine condition of your 1945 class photograph is amazing!

   Tell me more about Bocce, I'd like to know.

   We really must share with others how you have known Mr. Giorno for a long time and played music with him in the past.

   The children in your 1945 Class photo are beautiful, and classy. It's good to be able to see them.

   -- Yours,

   Michael Stevenson

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Profession:Piano Tuning and Rebuilding. Professional Musician
Status:Married to Kay. Retired.
Current Location:Galloway, NJ
Comment:Philadelphia Inquirer Newspaper Article Mentioning Victor Benvenuto as a Master Piano Tuner:

Piano Technician's Guild Website mentioning The Piano Shoppe and the tuning system developed by Victor Benvenuto;

Victor mentioned in the Piano Tuner's Forum on the Web;;f=3;t=001016;p=0

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