John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

The 1949 Graduating Class of John Story Jenks School
(this photo was taken in 1945)

1949 Class
This Photograph Was Contributed by Robert Detwiler, Class of 1949
Robert Braun entry:
Hi Michael,
	Just a note to tell you that from the picture of
the class of 1949, three of us had lunch recently;
Bob Detwiler, John DeCoursey and Bob Braun. All three of
us are in regular with others in that picture; Bobbie
Vanderherchen and Ginny Durian. Sad to report that from
that class, two have passed away; Tony Bucci and Barbara

Bob Braun
Michael Stevenson entry:
Hello Robert,
	Well, I surely wish that I was there at the reunion.  It sounds
simply wonderful!  It's great to keep together, whatever the number.
And I know you remember Tony and Barbara Fondly.  Thanks for 
mentioning their names so that we can add them to the registry.

	Let me know the next time you get together!

-- Yours,
	Michael Stevenson
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