John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Robert Detwiler
From the Class of '49 Photograph contributed by Sandy Trexler '49

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1941 1949 1949
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Robert Detwiler entry:
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Great web site. Brings back many pleasant memories of my childhood in the 1940's in Chestnut Hill. My Jenks life began in September of 1940 in kindergarten and ended with graduation from 8th grade in 1949.

I lived at 22 West Southampton Avenue, a very short walk to John Story Jenks. The only danger were the streetcars or trolleys we called them. My life revolved around Jenks and Pastorius park. At that time there was open and undeveloped space on the east side of the park that extended to Shawnee Street. This open space was an ideal location to build tree houses and dig underground fortifications, most likely inspired by WW2.

I enjoyed your presentation on Ms. Finley. I still remember the first day in her class ( I think 6th grade) when she announced that WW2 drawings were not acceptable for art lessons! Ms. Finley certainly drummed into our heads the difference between can and may.

I was on the safety patrol and remember my Mom getting after me on Sunday afternoons to scrub the white belt we wore. On many a Monday my safety belt was damp. I do not remember any perks like hot chocolate coming with the job.

Attached is a class picture from our 1945 5th grade class. It was most likely taken in December from some of the art work on the back board.

This Photograph is contributed by Robert DetWiler '49

Moved to California in 1956 with the U. S. Navy and stayed as the dry California air was great for my sinuses as compared to that muggy Philadelphia humidity.

I am a retired Electronics Engineer from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. My specialty was spacecraft power systems.

My wife Patricia and I reside in Thousand Oaks California.

I think you are to be congratulated on such an all encompassing web site on J. S. Jenks.

Bob Detwiler '49

Michael Stevenson entry:
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It was a real pleasure to receive this post from Robert, and with much appreciation we receive this invaluable photograph from our mutual Jenks History. Thanks, Robert!

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