John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

The 1953 Graduating Class of John Story Jenks School

1953 Class
This Photograph Was Contributed by Michelina Sirianni (Valinis), Class of 1953
David Lance Don Lackman Glenn Hoover William Wilson Richard Adami Glenn Shockley Ramon Fox Stephen Fegan Dan Matthews
Row #2
Phyllis Weidler Janet Miller Nancy Roth Elinor Driskill Mickey Sirianni Sandra Strickhauser Hildegard Wils Joan Matthews  
Seated   Phyllis Yanni Glen Gilbert Judy Renshaw Bob Carnevale Ruth Reinholt Faith Young    

Contributor's Entries
Michael Stevenson entry: Thank you so much for your contribution and presentation of the Graduating Class of 1953! I'm sure your classmates and all of us will enjoy it. I know this because I *certainly am enjoying it. I don't know what it is about the '50's, but it had style like no other time. One half of the class probably went to Hollywood.

    Also it is remarkable just how well preserved this photograph is. Amazing!

    Thanks again, I'm still enjoying,
-- Michael

Note: Michelina is in the center of the photograph in the middle row.

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