John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Michelina (Mickey) Sirianni [Valinis]
From the Class of '53 Photograph contributed by Michelina Sirianni

Beginning Year: Ending Year: Graduation Year:
1947 1953 1953
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Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hi Michelina,

    Thank you so much for your contribution and presentation of the Graduating Class of 1953! I'm sure your classmates and all of us will enjoy it. I know this because I *certainly am enjoying it. I don't know what it is about the '50's, but it had style like no other time. One half of the class probably went to Hollywood.

    Also it is remarkable just how well preserved this photograph is. Amazing!

    Thanks again, I'm still enjoying,
-- Michael
Michael Stevenson entry:
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I came to America in in April of 1947 at the age of 9 and started school at John Story Jenks. I was placed in first grade for a few months since I didn't speak English very well and then skipped to third because of my age. I enjoyed my years at Jenks and remember many of my classmates with affection. I have pictures that I can submit at a later time, since I am away from Chesnut Hill home at this time. I would love to hear from some of my classmates if they would like to write.
Michael Stevenson entry:
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Michelina, (What a beautiful name) we are so glad you logged in! Thanks for coming and we look forward to hearing more from you and your class members.

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