John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Mrs. Dunkelburger Teacher

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Donna Jackson entry:
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i was teacher's pet in Mrs. Dunkelberger's 5th grad class......she was one of the nicest least to me she was...i remember sitting right in front of her desk...those years at Jenks were great
Larry Staib entry:
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I just found my third grade class picture from 1969. Elsa Jaeger is no longer principal then. I remember them announcing in school in Mrs. Dunkleberger's class (about 1970) that she had died.
Michael Stevenson entry:
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Mrs. Dunkelburger was my fifth grade home room instructor. Fair winds and following seas, dear Mrs. Dunkelburger. And you remain a part of, and live in these joyful memories we have.

    If I would "fess-up" to one of my weaknesses during elementary school is was talking in class to other people. (Obviously, I was having a great time there. :) Well, some of this activity took place in Mrs. Dunkleburger's classroom. But even though I had this weakness ( was all David Russell's fault) Mrs. Dunkelburger always remained one of the nicest and friendliest teachers in the world.

   About March or May of my 5th grade year in her class, all of a sudden, David Russell and myself got this idea to go up and ask Mrs. Dunkelburger a whopper of a question. So together, we strolled up to her desk and asked her in private, "Mrs. Dunkelburger, is there anything that we can do (implying within the remaining school year) to get an "A" in behavior"?

   Demonstrating much wisdom, yet fairness, Mrs. Dunkelburger looked at us for a moment and then responded, "Isn't it funny how two kids can act like little demons all year long, and then around report card time little wings start sprouting from them!" Like I said, there was obvious wisdom in her statement so there was no response from we the guilty, in all humility. After a few moments she directed us by saying, "Go on back to your desks and we'll see what happens."

    Well, we did just that, and you know while the "A" didn't quite happen, I did alright that year. Mrs. Dunkelburger was really a nice, nice, person and I think of her with the fondess of memories.

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