John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Nancy Lee Dunning (Baxter) '62

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Nancy Lee Dunning Baxter entry:
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Nancy Lee Dunning Baxter is alive and well. I live in Wyndmoor, PA with my husband, Justin, who I formally met at PSU in 1968 and married in 1972. We have two children, daughter Betsy, 28, who lives in Portland, OR and is a paralegal for a law firm. Also a son, Morgan, 26, a 2007 cum laude grad of LaSalle U. and works as a geologist/scientist for an international environmental infrastructure company. He lives in the Anderson House, Chestnut Hill!

I graduated from Girls High, as did many of us, and PSU in 1970 with a degree in art history. Iíve been working at the Philadelphia Museum of Art since 1971 Ė started out as an administrative asst. (secretary back then) in European Decorative Arts before 1700, went on as dept/research asst/acting head of several other curatorial departments, then moved over to the Registrar Office in 1998, where I remain and intend to remain.

Other Jenks grads, who I have seen at Girls High reunions: Ellen Clinton still lives on Abington Avenue, Peggy Beecham (canít remember her married name but I have her card somewhere) now lives in the mid west, Ellen Nixon. Wayka came east for our 35th, I think it was. Howard Story and his family are in the area. Iím sure I can think of more people.

Alan Jay Thistlethwaite, of course, who I think is organizing an event on May 4 Ė his sister Dale told me about it, and I need to call him.

Iíve been meaning to check out the Jenks web site and finally did (obviously), but havenít really gone through it yet as I wanted to send this out.




Michael Stevenson entry:
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Welcome, Nancy!

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Profession:Registrar Office: Philadelphia Museum of Art
Status:"Nancy Lee Dunning Baxter is alive and well."
Current Location:Wyndmoor, PA