John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

George Fetherman
From the Class of '53 Photograph (in 1946) contributed by Dr. Robert F. Marvin '53

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Michael Stevenson entry:
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    While researching the 1960's period of John Story Jenks School, I came across a wonderful webpage authored by George Fetherman, a professional entertainer and musician who has played with several bands, who attended Jenks in the 1940's - 50's. In our school that had such a wonderful standard of conduct and dignity, George knew Jenks when it was probably in it's finest days.

    It was wonderful to read about his activity in the school orchestra, reminding me of of Mr. Kurega, who lead the orchestra leader during my time at Jenks. Also, George knew Miss Finley during his tenure at Jenks, placing her in service at Jenks as early as 1951! Therefore when she taught us in the '60s she was thoroughly experience and established. George has many wonderful memories of Jenks and I highly recommend talking with him. His web page and email follow.

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George Fetherman