John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Robert F. Marvin
From the Class of '53 Photograph contributed by Robert F. Marvin

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Bobbie Vanderherchen (Gilkerson) entry:
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I enjoyed hearing about your class. Could the teacher you remember be Miss Benkert? I believe she was my kindergarten teacher. As you know I was in your sister's class and we have reunited after all these years, thanks in part to your intervention!

Bobbie Vanderherchen Gilkerson '49
Robert F. Marvin entry:
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   I, too, have fond memories of Jenks. Actually, I remember an excellent kindergarten teacher in 1943. Kitty Gerson, Judy Renshaw, Ruth Reinholt, George Featherman and I were all in the Germantown Youth Orchestra as well as in the school orchestra under Mr. DiLauro.

   I most appreciated Mrs. Bernheimer who gave me teaching at home in first grade when I had Rheumatic Fever.

   Bob Lentz retired as a Michigan High School Principal. I spoke with Robert Carnevale a few years ago after reading about his business in the Inquirer. Scott Holmes is active in Finance. I am a Cardiologist, married happily with three children, one who is a Captain in the Army in Iraq.

   I will try to scan pictures of 1st and 2nd grade.

   Other members included: Phylis Weidler, Gail Trexler, Dawn Donahue, Dick Lackman, Ted Turck, Joan Mathews, Hildegard Wils, Phylis Yanni, Bobby Thomas, Nancy Roth, Jack Cantwell, Rkochelle Kaufman, Sandra Strickhauser, Billy Wilson, Walter Painter, Buddy, Diane, Barry, Curtis, Sandy Frazer, Timmy, Bobby; and Michelina Siriani.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hi Everyone. I just wanted to say it was great to receive a contact from Bob Marvin who has shared his 50's JS Jenks experience with us all. Along with the many names of classmates that can be associated with their brothers and sisters who also attended Jenks, Robert has contributed a wonderful photograph of a very early class at our school that really captures that beautiful experience we all shared there.

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