John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

George Gatenby
From the Class of '37 Photograph contributed by George Gatenby '37
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George Gatenby entry:
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You anywheres near Laurel?????? My Daughter and her Hubby live there. Also!! Sure I`ll try and get on the "Talk" web you are planning. Good Lord willing!!

As far as Teachers in my era, here are a few; Mrs. Kasinger(Spelling???? Was 1st grade teacher}, Mrs. Turney, Miss LaRue(Amy),Mrs.(?) Adams(Possibly McAdams), Miss McCoy(Lived W. Gravers Lane. Her sister was a teacher also but not at JSJ), Mrs. McDermott and Miss Kerper(One of my favorites).

Do you remember Ford Agency at Germantown & Hartwell Lane??????? In my era it was an elegant old house from 1800`s anyhow (Exact date ???????). It`s last livable tennant was Miss Kerper. Remember being in it back in 1930`s. Oh!! Just remembered name of JSJ Principle when I was there(;) Mrs Scott.

One little story about 1st grade. We used to get HE** for looking at the old Steam Engines on the Reading Chestnut Hill Line. YEP!!!!! CHOO-CHOO`s!!! Hope this is a little more help! Keep in touch. Better go and check on my better half. Our 55th Wedding Anniv. is today. Getting OLD, ain`t I????????????

C ya later George

Michael Stevenson entry:
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It has been a pleasure to meet George who has a treasure of memories of the 1930's Era of John Story Jenks Elementary School. George and his wife are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary at the time of his above post.

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