John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Ginny Johnstone '59

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09/1950 06/1956 1959

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Bob Richey entry:
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To Ginny,

Were you in the class of 1963. The girl that I think was you or possibly one of your sisters is pictured in the 1963 class photo, top row, 2nd from the left. I sent this photo into the Jenks website and have a memory of this girl being named Julie. I am the one who also tried to remember all the names of the 63 class and sent them into Michael to post under the 63 class photo. The last name Hammond really rings a bell with me as being the last name of the girl I call Julie in my 63 class photo. Regards,

Bob Richey (Jenks class of 1963)

Bev Parry (Morton)entry:
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Hi Ginny,

I went from kindergarten thru the 8th grade. I also remember the fair (Main Street), trading cards, playing in the yard and also the dog shows. Don't remember Gordon though! I lived in Chestnut Hill on Abington Ave. and walked to school. Went home for lunch. Did they have food in the lunch room or did you have to bring your lunch? I hated gym and the gym uniforms were so ugly no one looked good in them! Were you there when Miss Yaeger was the principal- i was affraid of her! I remember the same teachers also I liked one that was big on the Audubon Society?

I have alot of good memories about going to Jenks and am hoping to hear about more people from my class. Both my sisters went to Jenks and I remember alot of there friends too. It would be fun to have an all school reunion to see how many people would show up. My sisters were remembering having a class photo taken I can't remember ever having a photo taken. How about you? Also remember the school plays.

Do you remember Miss Kern? She was very pretty a Natalie Wood type. I think most of the boys had a crush on her. I was very tall and Nina and I both had bigger desks at one point because we couldn't get our legs under the standard size desks. Remember the dances in the basement. We (girls) would put one of our shoes in a big pile and the guys would pick one and he would have to dance with that persons shoes. They never picked mine as they knew who it belonged to by the size. I was much taller than most of the boys.

Bev Parry (Morton)

Ginny Johnstone (Hammond) entry:
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Michael..I must tell you..this was a delightful surprise to find the web site. I attended Jenks from 9/50 through 6/56 when we moved from Phila. My sister Barbara graduated I think in '55(8th grade)...again thanks..ginny johnstone hammond
Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hi all. I had the pleasure of receiving a message from Ginny Johnstone (Hammond) and it was a pleasure! Great to be in contact, Ginny and I hope we can learn alot about how Jenks was during your years there. You know, I was talking to George Featherman, also listed in the roster and he was telling me how Miss Finley was there when he graduated in 1950. So, I'm sure she was there during your time as well. I've really come to appreciate teachers who set such a fine example for us and would like to know more about her.

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