John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Gloria Lorenzon Shelmerdine '51
From the Class of '51 Photograph contributed by Gloria Lorenzon Shelmerdine

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Gloria Lorenzon Shelmerdine entry:
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My sister, Linda ('55) alerted me just recently to this wonderful website about Jenks! I'm Gloria Lorenzon Shelmerdine and hope this reaches friends from those days. I have a class photo from 3rd grade and also our graduation photo. In the near future, I'll scan them in to the website.

Hello to Mary Bucci, Adele Wolverton, Helene Ross, Ruth Basmajian, Felicia Martin, Nanette Chapman, Gaywood May, Dick Lackman, Michael Hayes, Charles Wassem name just a few friends who shared those happy years with me. I hope you and our other classmates are doing well.

I now live in Jamestown, NC with my husband, Ed.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Welcome to you, Gloria, who is the sister of Linda Lorenzon (Kopf). It's great to see you here.

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