John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Donna Millinghausen
From the Class of '69 Photograph contributed by Michele Hewitt & Jean Stone

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Donna Millinghausen entry:
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4/1/2005 -

Who is who?

I am in the graduating class of 1969, as you know. My sister was in the class of 1966. She will email you with names of other classmates in her graduating class. Most of them are on the ?? list.

My most vivid memories of Jenks are the beautiful murals in the auditorium which, sadly, are gone, the paintings which hung on corridor walls, and Miss Jaeger's stories.

My funniest story is: In Mrs. McDonald's second grade class, I was staring out the window day dreaming, as usual. A normal state for me in those days. Mrs. McDonald asked me, "what are you doing?" My response, "I'm just thinking of all the better things I could be doing right now." She, of course, chastised me. However, in the parent teacher conference she did admit to my parents that I had a very good point. That spirit always came through in her. Perhaps that's why I have such a vivid memory of her.

I was so disappointed when, about 10 years ago, I went to the Jenks reunion and there were none of my classmates there. Maybe you can stir up some interest. Good luck. Nice job. Maryanne, we are searching for you.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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4/1/2005 - I was so very happy to receive an Email from Donna recently which really helped a lot to build our website. Many class members especially those whose class number was not known, were edited by Donna. Thanks Donna! It was wonderful to hear from you, and I remember you, well.

Donna, we are searching for you. Donna is the sister of Carol Millinghausen of an unknown graduation year. Can anyone help with Carol's year of graduation?

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