John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

James Laird Mc Gehee
From the Class of '68 Photograph contributed by Ed Richey '68

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Stephen Jerdan entry:
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Laird McGehee passed away, I believe it was 1986. I'll try to find out the year. He lived right up the street from me, and played on my softball team from the late 70's through the early 80's. Lost contact with him around 1983. He moved down south, I think to Georgia. That's where I believe he died.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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April 20th, 2005 -- I certainly thank Stephen Jerdan for advising us about Laird's passing. To everyone I would just like to say that even in this lost, the love and admiration for former classmates is made plain. I mean, now, all these years laters since seeing Laird (as we use to call him) on the Reading Railroad train into Philadelphia, I am deeply saddened to hear of his lost.

As I said in my original post, Laird was a very mature person, even in the 8th grade back in 1968. He was probably a year older than the rest of us, I don't know, but he was very matter-of-fact while decent and pleasant in all of my communications with him.

In 2004, I travelled to Chestnut Hill on a trip where one of the goals was to go to Laird's home there and ask about him but when searching out the streets there I could not locate the home listed on the webpage below (the numbers did not match). But Laird was on my mind then, as he is, today and always will be. As the saying goes Laird will always live in and be a part of the wonderful memories of the John Story Jenks Elementary School and of that time.

Original Post -- Laird, we are searching for *you. At the below website, there appears to be an intensive history of Laird's family. Laird was a good guy, and a serious and mature person. A few years after graduation, I saw Laird on the Reading Railroad line, the Chestnut Hill Local where we exchanged a few good words. I had a lot of respect for Laird and still do.

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1g Carolyn Dunn, born 6𣛧924, Evergreen, Alabama. Married Dr. Edward Henderson McGehee, 9101946, at Mobile, Alabama (born 7241921, son of Dr. Paul Duncan McGehee of Mobile, Alabama) Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia, with MD Degree. Residence: 819 East Gravers Lane, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1h Edward Henderson McGehee. Jr, born 9251949.

2h James Laird McGehee, born 9221952.

3h Virginia McDuffie McGehee, born 9131955.

4h Sarah Shields McGehee, born 9221956. Married 2nd Ben W. Wildman, 5121944, Anniston, Alabama (born 5151903, son of Alexander James Wildman and Rachel Wildman, n閑 Whitaker) Division Auditor for Alabama Power Company. Episcopal. Residence: Box 621 B. Spanish Point, Mobile, Alabama. No issue.