John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Karen myers-Stomackin '69

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Hi There,
My name is Karen Myers Stomackin. I'm 53 y.o. I went to Jenks from K to 5th grADE THEN MOVED TO Erdenheim PA. Met a kid named Jay Marcolina there. Is he Richard's brother? I loved Jenks but lost touch w/ most. I remember lauren Vanet and brintian Springfield. LOL

Love those memories,

Karen myers-Stomackin entry:
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Hi. Karen Myers here. My sister penny e-mailed this web site to me. Wow! I remember John Story Jenks with fond memories but I left in 5th grade when my parents fled to the suburbs! LOL. Springfield township, Montgomery county. I remember Jenks............recess on the black top area and fences. I remember climbing up the outside steps. I remember Kindergarden w/ Mrs. Anderson (I think) where we gathered around her and recited "The lord is my shepherd I shall not want......" every morning. I had Mrs. McDonald for 1st and 2nd grade. I remember the wooden seats in the auditorium and Christmas plays and assemblies. And a little girl named Lydia Lukavonivitch. (spelling ?)I walked home w/ her several times to play at her house after school. We passed a stain glass factory and were allowed to pick up small chunks of colored glass. They were treasures for sure and I loved them and dreamed about them for years. And Lauren Vanett who I knew more from Sunday school. Was there a boy named Brittain Springfielf? I seem to recall that name.

As for now...I live in central PA near State College in a small place called Lewistown. I am a school speech therapist and live w/ my husband Rich. By the way he is a pharmacist who knew Neil Styles! Have not kept in touch though. I have 2 daughters. One goes to PSU the other IUP.

So I never got a year book and I don't have class pictures at all. Thanks so much to this blast from the past. Do you remember me?


Karen Myers Stomackin

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Welcome Karen!

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