John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Claire A. McDonnell
From the Class of '67 in 1960 Photograph contributed by Laura Israel

Contributor's Entries
Donna Jackson entry: I remember coming to jenks in the middle of first grade....Mrs McDonald made me feel so welcomed..She was a wonderful teacher....Our bithday happen to be on the same day and she made a big deal about that....oh how i wish i could tell her how good she made me feel about myself
Michael Stevenson entry: Mrs. Claire A. McDonald, my 1st grade teacher who often would give me a star on my papers, was one of the precious people who signed my autograph book at my graduation in June 1968. Here is her autograph.

    I look at it like this... when I was in Kindergarden, I knew virtually nothing. When I arrived at 1st grade under Mrs. MCDonald's care, I was introduced to society. There could be no finer person to introduce one into society than Mrs. McDonald, one of the nicest people in the world. After a small task assignment of some type (a dictionary word or something) if done well, a bright, colorful and beautiful star would appear on your returned document. This was encouraging. Mrs. McDonald was encouraging, kind and pleasant. Being in her care and elementary instruction, was a wonderful buffer zone between the safety of home with the following arrival at the relatively mild Kindergarden experience... to being out in the world for the first time. Again, there could be no better person to introduce one to society, than the good and kind, Mrs. McDonald.

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