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Penny J. Myers entry:
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I went to Jenks from first through 6th grade. I was part of what became the 8th gr. class of 64. I am Penny J. Myers (now, Myers-Dubin). I have lots of fond memories of my years at Jenks. To this day, whenever I return to Philadelphia, (I live in NY now), especially with my husband and grown girls, if we happen to be in Chestnut Hill, I must drive by Jenks, and tell stories to my (bored) family from those school days: Walks to the book store, picnics in Pastorius Park, my love of birds from Mrs. Stalker's 3rd Gr. class....we called her "bird brain Stalker", but I am happy to have begun this hobby with her! I recall watching my older sister, Meryl Lee Myers (Kramer) in the play "Pirates of Penzance". I think her 6th gr teacher was Stan Gershman.

I myself recall Mrs. Surfass (2nd Grade....I always had to redo sloppy homework!) Mrs Ghering, 3A or B, and Mrs. Stalker, the other half of 3rd. I also recall, with the help of this website, Mrs. Lomas (5th Gr??), and other names as well.

Looking over others' entries, I was able to recall the names of some of my classmates: Rich Fagan (now a Rabbi in NJ), his younger brother Bruce, (musician), JoAnne Vanett (nurse), and some I haven't seen since 1963!!.....Linda Nedzwecki (spelling?), Joann Taylor, Danny Levy.

Thanks for this fun trip down memory lane.
Penny Myers-Dubin
(Retired Phila elementary teacher for 32 years, relocated to NY, now doing subbing in a Pre-K and K school in Great Neck, NY. I love to travel to National Parks where the camping is so fine. I have been to Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, and at least half the states in the US.)

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Welcome Penny! Many enjoyable memories stirred at reading you letter.. Glad to see you here!

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