John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Barry Naus
From the Class of '59 Photograph contributed by Barry Naus

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Barry Naus entry:
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Hi Michael,

Attached is a picture of the Class of '59 and a spreadsheet that matches some of the names.

As you can see, I can't remember many of the names, so I hope somebody else can fill in some of the blanks and correct any errors I might have made.

By the way, Joanne Adams of my class of '59 has been married to my brother Richard (class of '55) for more that 40 years now.

Also, I didn't see any mention on the web site of the activity that we spent most of our free time doing in the school yard ( just a guy thing) ... "flipping" baseball cards. I can remember some pretty heated disputes over whether or not your baseball card was actually touching another card. Sometimes a third party had to be called over to settle the dispute. (We never were able to engage any of the teachers to help out.)

I hope to see the rest of the names filled in soon ...


Barry Naus entry:
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Hi Michael,

I enjoyed your web site very much ... well done!

My name is Barry Naus and I attended JS Jenks from 3rd grade through 8th grade (1954-1959). My brother, Richard, also graduated from Jenks ... not sure, but i think he was three years ahead of me... (maybe four).

After looking at your web site, I went into the "back closet", dug through a number of old boxes that have been sealed and carried with me from home to home over the years, and found my 8th grade graduation class picture ... also my confirmation picture from Christ Lutheran Church.

If you're interested, I'd be happy to get the Jenks Class of '59 picture scanned and email it to you.

After many years, I visited Chestnut Hill in Sep., 2005 and was stunned that Frank (my barber from when I was 10 years old) is still cutting hair in his shop on Germantown Avenue. Although he moved his shop from below Willow Grove Ave to Hartwell Lane, he still has the same chairs that I sat in 50 years ago!

Let me know if you want a copy of the picture.

Thanks again for the web site,

... Barry

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hello Barry,

This is from Michael Stevenson, and I would like to tell you that I was very, very glad to get your email. Instantly the memories start flowing when I hear other such as yourself recollect these wonderful Chestnut Hill memories (such as Frank the Barber).

Barry, I want you to know that normally, I would have responded at least the same day of your post, but recently have been so overwhelmed with the busyness of work and home that I could not receive my email until today. Thanks for writing!

It would be a pleasure to receive your photograph of the JS Jenks 1959 graduating class, and to display it as your contribution to the Website. Thank you so much for this kind offering and I will certainly take action a lot more quickly now that I am back online regularly, to post it.

We probably knew many of the same teachers. I'm sure we both knew Miss Finley at *least. (I miss these people, now) :)

Frank, thanks again for writing and look for your page and that of your brother Richard to be displayed on the front page pronto.

Thanks for the memories!
Michael Stevenson

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