John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Micky P. Pulido '??

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Angelo P. Pulido was in the Class of 1970, but went to Leeds Jr. High in 68-69 after 6th grade with Robert Blecker, Ricky Brown, Ian Lipschultz et al. Also to Leads, with them, went Judy Fierstein & Jeffery Harris. All of us (above) were in Mr. Louis Giorno's 6th Grade Home Room.

Miguel P. Pulido Is Angelo's older brother. I don't remember if he went to Leads. He was 4 years ahead of us (Wendy Chierci's class), because he graduated Dartmouth College, then came to see our Central High Graduation (same Spring).

From Jenks Class of 1970 were also Forrest Sellars and Anthony Miner.

I remember in 7th or 8th Grade we got two new & young teachers. I remember Mr. Berg but can't remember the name of the other man.

Don Watlington

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Micky we are searching for *You. Brother of Angelo Pulito

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