John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Mary (Psichos) Schmeidel
From the Class of '57 Photograph contributed by Cheryl Massaro

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Mary (Psichos) Schmeidel entry:
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Hi, my name is Mary Schmeidel (formerly "Psichos") and I was in the 1957 graduating class at John Story Jenks. I recently visited Philadelphia and met up with an old friend, Sandy Bencivengo, who told me about your web site. How great it is to look back and remember the good times as well as see what's happening today. Sandy gave me a newspaper article from 2006 that had a picture of your class and my 1957 class picture (that I still have) and thought you might want the names of all the students for that year. Here goes -

Front row, from left: Jane Teague, Lois Nelson, Joseph J. Siner, Robert Sykes, Jean Wieland, Marion Stroup, Elaine Galfand, and Carol Massaro.

Back row, from left: James Harbison, Louis Filippi, Sandra Logan, Lance Horowitz, Mary Psichos, Jeff Baxter, Warren Barbour, Merry Rowan, Richard Manser, Sandra Bencivengo, and William Krauth.

I left the Chestnut Hill area in 1967, off to Southern California where I lived for 36 years and am now in Denver,Colorado. I visit Philly often and it is always fun to take a ride though Chestnut Hill and drive past the school - still looks pretty much the same except for all the playground equipment.

It is so nice of you to keep up your Internet site for all of us to enjoy.

My sister was part of the 1955 class and her name is spelled incorrectly - she's in the back row, 2nd from Left and her name is Elaine Psichos. I asked her if she remembers the two girls you need names for - but it hasn't come to her yet, will let you know if she remembers.

Thanks Again


Michael Stevenson entry:
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Welcome to you, Mary, it's great to see you here. Thanks for your updates to the 1957 Class photo. I know that Denver is such a beautiful place. Enjoy! I'll get to those updates, shortly.

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