John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Lee Ann Root '68

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Michael Stevenson entry: 8/28/2018
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Lee Ann has an article on Page 1 of the Jenks Herald online here at the website.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Anyway, in addition to message one, below, I just want to say that Lee Ann was simply a great classmate in everyway. Best wishes to you, Lee Ann and hope to see you in here on the web site, chatting away about a beautiful time and place in Chestnut Hill.

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Lee Ann was a most wonderful girl, beautiful inside and out. She is the daughter, by the way, of Billy Root a well known musician. One time I was talking to my next door neighbor, many years my elder and from a completely different culture, and mentioned this fact to her. She instantly stated that she was quite familiar with the Jazz musician. I was surprized but probably should not have been. Lee Ann if you ever read this-- much love to you.

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