John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Anne Sherman
From the Class of '64 Photograph contributed by Joanne Kathleen Stevenson '64

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Michael Stevenson entry:


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Hi there, Anne- A special Hello to you "across the pond". It was great to hear from you, really, and am glad you are doing well. We '68ers sure looked up to your class. My sister Joanne is onboard here from your class. Hope to see that conversations grow! Welcome!

Anne Sherman:


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My details:

I'm alive and well and living in Derby, England. I moved here in 1980. I'm a part-time school administrator at the moment. I have a 14-year old daughter (I'm a single mom). I often think about days at Jenks, and I'm sad to see how few of my classmates have posted their details. Come on guys!

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Anne in David Sherman's sister, who was in my 1968 graduating class.

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Profession:Elementary School Administrator
Status:Alive & Well
Current Location:United Kingdom