John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Jonathan Schoch

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Cheryl Massaro must be Guy Massaro's little sister..Guy was in my class with Jeff Culbertson and John Brown and Billy Miller and Cherie Siner and last but nearest my heart: Doralyn Jacobs. I was plucked untimely from Philly in 1956 and dropped down in Bloomington Indiana.I was in Miss banwells class then I don't miss her. But Audrey Patricia Kern crosses my mind yesterday when I googled her name.

I remember Laddy Sykes,and Paul Wassman..down Winston Rd..but not at Jenks.. I'm in Shenzhen-south China now..can anybody reconnect me to any of those people.. And then there was Miss Yaeger-the principle..she looked cold,but she wasn't.


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