John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Jean Wieland Spears '57

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Jean Wieland Spears entry:
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Dear classmates-
What fun to see this wonderful picture of our class- we were really an involved
and enthused class. Some of the things we did to our eighth grade teachers still
brings a smile to my face- all these years later.
The girls in the class were required to make those dresses for graduation in home
economics class- that's why five of the dresses were the same style. 

I went on to teach eighth grade social studies
for almost 28 years before becoming an a public school administrator.  I retired
from public school and I am currently a education professor at Monmouth University
in West Long Branch, New Jersey.
When my mother passed away in March of this years I was very pleased to have members
of the class of 57 stop by Ruth's prior to the funeral and several more called later
in the day- what wonderful support after more than more than forty years- thank you 
to those members of our class and their family members that were thoughtful enough to
reach out at that time.  Many of you were very kind to my mother in her declining
years and I am very grateful.
We need to plan a reunion!   Jean Wieland Spears 
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Profession:Educator, Public School Administrator, Professor
Status:Alive and Well
Current Location:New Jersey