John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Lawrence Staib
From the Class of '74 in 1969 3rd Grade Photograph contributed by Larry Staib '74
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Larry Staib:

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     This website is fantastic. Thank you for doing it! My sister, Allison, just pointed it out to me. I was in the class of '74 although I left Jenks after seventh grade. It brings back a lot of memories.

      Do you remember the murals at Jenks? There were two in the auditorium, I think a Maypole scene and a school lesson scene with a kid in a duncecap. The giant one on the second floor had the big indian and the Wissahickon. One was destroyed by water damage when I was there - I hope the others are still there.

      The "new" structure in front of the boy's entrance was known as the IMC, instructional materials center. This is just a fancy name for the library. It was built sometime when I was at Jenks, probably early 70's

      I just found my third grade class picture from 1969. Elsa Jaeger is no longer principal then. I remember them announcing in school in Mrs. Dunkleberger's class (about 1970) that she had died.

      Mr. Gershman also taught social studies when I was there.

      I am alive and well and living in CT doing medical imaging research.

Larry Staib
Orange, CT
Michael Stevenson entry:
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Hi all, I could not have been happier than to receive a post from Lawrence Staib, brother of Robert Staib and Allison Staib (Boyle). Lawrence contributed a lot of wonderful information. Thanks for writing, Larry and hope to talk with you much!

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Profession:Medical Imaging Research
Status:Alive and Well
Current Location:Orange, CT
Comment:Brother of Robert and Allison Staib

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