John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Nevart Semerdjian (Hebding)
From the Class of '62 Photograph contributed by Jack '62

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Just found your wonderful site for the Jenks School! My maiden name was Nevart(Nevie) Semerdjian & my sister was Helen (last name was misspelled on the list). Yes, I do have some wonderful memories of Jenks - friends, teachers, & different events. I happen to bump into Sandy Chierici a few years ago while I was doing juror duty in Philadelphia & we had a great time going down "memory lane." The times, place, & people were wonderful! I do have my graduation picture from 1962 with many of the people mentioned on your site - Becky Norris, Wayka, Ellen, Christine, Lee, etc. By the way, my sister did pass away fourteen years ago if you would like to note that on your website. Are there any reunions coming up in the future? I am married & have one daughter & we were blessed with a wonderful granddaughter four years ago who keeps us very busy. I have lived in the suburbs since graduating from Jenks & currently live in Chester County - not far from King of Prussia. Please keep posted & I love your website - great job!


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