John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Paul Stevens
Fair winds and following seas, dear classmate.
And you remain a part of and live in these joyful memories we have.

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Tim Tisdale entry:
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Larry Staib, and everyone;

It's going to have to settle for the Circlegame archive.

I neglected to mention that before Myself, Larry and Ben, that badge was worn by the late Paul Stevens (Class of '72). I first met Paul when we were small children, living around the corner from each other in Germantown. Later, both our families would move farther northwest, so we both attended J.S. Jenks. As an adult, Paul devoted himself to the community as a tireless member of the Northwest Volunteer Ambulance Corps. He left us much too soon. May GOD bless Paul Stevens, and may we, his classmates, always honor his memory.

Tim Tisdale

Michael Stevenson entry:
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I really appreciate Tim Tisdale's tribute to Paul.

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