John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Dianne Townes
From the Class of '61 Photograph contributed by Bernard Kafes '61

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Dianne Townes entry:
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Hi Buddy !

   I remember you. We used to ride the bus together and you used to live on the corner of Cherokee and Mt. Pleasant Ave. I think your family had a small store at this location. I am in the picture taken with the group and am in the second row on the right as you look at the picture. I am next to Jane Young to the right and am wearing a suit jacket with a headband in my hair. I was the “fat girl” in the class. I am retired now from teaching with the Phila. School District and have a 17 year old daughter. I work in early childhood education now as a head start home visitor. Do you still live in Philly?

   I would also like to reconnect with other class members, I remember June Lee, Gayle Perry, Valerie Burton (I think she has passed away), Deidre Ferguson works in administration for the School District, and Frank Stroup is a minister from what I heard over the years. My daughter also went to Jenks right after MR. Gershman died. Some of the same teachers were there when she began attending.

Dianne E. Townes

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Dianne, we are searching for *you.

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