John Story Jenks Elementary School circa 1960's

Nancy Uhle

Fair winds and following seas, dear classmate, and you
remain a part of, and live in these memories we share.
From the Class of '67 Photograph contributed by Nancy Karen Stevenson

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Nancy Uhle entry:
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Hi, Michael,

I'm Nancy Screnci (Uhle), class of '67. I happened upon the Jenks website the other night and have been filled with Jenks thoughts ever since. It's incredible what memories you have brought back to me. Now where to start to fill you in.....

My immediate memories of Jenks until graduation in 1967 are, in no order:

the paper drives (how many basements in Chestnut Hill did we go into to gather newspapers?), playing the "bells" with Mr. Giorno (always in the last row as I was not musically inclined), going home one lunchtime by way of the main front entrance (a BIG no-no) and opening the door to find Miss Jaeger on the other side, autograph books (where is mine?), Mrs. Stalker's Christmas plays (Babes in Toyland in our year), Miss Finley's oral book reports (hated those!), straight A's in Mrs. Dunkelberger's class (my only time doing that), making our 8th grade graduation dresses in Mrs. Chappell's sewing class, feeling like a big deal in 2B going to Mrs. Gehring's class on the second floor (that floor was for the big kids), seeing Mr. Giorno's young children come in to visit their dad, learning the 23rd Psalm in kindergarten with Mrs. Patterson, learning cursive in third grade with Mrs. Stalker and writing with a fountain pen (what a mess those cartridges were) in fourth with Miss Wholey, Miss Jaeger telling stories to the whole school in the auditorium (what a great storyteller she was). And that is only a few memories....

My mom and dad both graduated from Jenks and mom's class planted the ivy along the Southampton Ave. stone walls as a class project. My mom, Gladys Uhle, was active in the PTA during my years at Jenks, heading ways and means for a few years, probably working with your mom. She became an employee in Sept., 1967, as a noontime aide and office helper and remained working in the office until she passed away in May, 1996. If you walk up the main entrance steps on Southampton Ave. and make a left at the first landing there is a large stone commemorating mom's years of service to Jenks. Due to mom working at Jenks for so long, I've had an ongoing relationship with the teachers and staff who still kindly include me in many Jenks events. I saw Mr. Giorno as recently as last October and will pass the info for this on to him.

There was a Jenks reunion for all classes, maybe 15 years ago. We were divided into graduating years with several years assigned to each classroom. It was a fun evening although there were many more earlier graduates than those around our years.

Currently I live in Lower Gwynedd, PA, and work with my husband, Vince, who is a renovation/custom home builder. I'm the accountant, payroll, tax person, in other words, a jack of all trades in the office. My back round is in accounting and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to work for our business and see how it's grown in the last 18 years. I'm also a volunteer at Chestnut Hill Hospital and I'm very active with German Shorthaired Pointer dog rescue. We've been married for 24 years. Vince is a Chestnut Hiller, too, although he went to Holy Cross. Raymond Braun, '68, was his best friend growing up.

Now I'm identified correctly in our class picture but the individual picture is not me but Collette Amenta, Class of '68. To add to the '67 graduates names, in looking at our picture, the second to last and last girls on the right second row are Ginny Wilson and Rosalind Farrell. In the past years I've seen Linda Shoemaker '67, at Barbara McCann's '66, wedding and I periodically run into Ginny Wilson '67 who still lives in Chestnut Hill. I keep in touch with Nancy DeMichiel Stewart, '68, and will pass along this website info to her. Barbara McCann, '66, is in your unknown years group. I lived next door to Barbara (now a Phila. School District teacher living in Jenkintown) and the next house was Nancy DeMichiel's. I also have some contact with Connie Marnie, '66, (another one in the unknown graduation year group). Connie works in Allentown, PA, for the agency that handles our business insurance. It was a great surprise to see Connie's name on an insurance letter and we've talked a few times. I'll also pass this along to her.

I was saddened to see so many (5) had passed away in our graduating class including George Zarate.

Michael, although I've had a lot of contact with Jenks over the years through my mother, I had forgotten so many things from my years there. It was a great pleasure going down memory lane. If you have any questions on anything that I may be able to answer please let me know.

Sorry this email got so long.

Nancy Screnci (Uhle) Class of 1967

Michael Stevenson entry:
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Dear Nancy... I'm HAPPY it got so long! :)

Hello all! May I say that it has been a total pleasure to hear from Nancy Uhle, one of my sister Nancy's best friends of the class of 1967. Nancy has brought with her above message some of the warmest memories of the JS Jenks experience. Thank you so much, Nancy for these memories. Glad to hear that you and your husband are well.

Rayanne Lehman entry: 4/24/2016
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Nancy Uhle Screnci passed away on April 10, 2016 after a brief illness. She leaves behind her husband of 34 years, Vince Screnci. Through their married life they resided in North Wales and Nancy volunteered at Chestnut Hills Hospital and the German Shorthaired Pointer Rescue of PA. She was also an active member of the Schuylkill Valley German Shorthaired Pointer Club.

Debra Early entry: 4/11/2016
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I regret to inform you that Nancy passed away on 4.10.16.


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